• Speed! Conventional bank underwriting guidelines can be time consuming. We are focused on getting your deal over the line quickly. Surety of execution! As a balance sheet lender our underwriting guidelines and requirements are consistent, if we say we can close the deal we’ll make sure to get it done.

  • Interest is charged only on funds advanced.

  • RF Boston will provide a budget template to be completed pre-closing which breaks down the construction budget by line item. A site inspection and budget review is scheduled and budget is approved pre-closing. The same spreadsheet will be used throughout the loan term for draw requests. Budget only includes hard cost figures. Draws are reimbursements for work done and material installed. Borrower requests draw and servicing team schedules site inspection to review and approve release of funds. Typical turnaround time for funds disbursement is 48 hours from inspection date.

  • RF Boston requires a signed term sheet, due diligence deposit and loan application to begin the underwriting process. RF Boston collects credit authorization and borrower track record history. Appraisal or similar valuation report is required pre-closing. Borrower must have or form an active LLC or trust to close the loan, we do not lend to individuals.

  • We are a private mortgage lender located in Quincy, Massachusetts. Our mission is to provide borrowers with the best finance options and we strive for excellence.